Work For Your Wedding Program


The cost of planning your dream event can add up so let us help you with our “Work For Your Wedding Program!”


This program is designed for those who would like to make their special day beautiful but would like to stay within budget. Simply put down the 50% deposit and work the remaining balance off. You can work on your own or have a family member or friend work alongside you or on your behalf. 30 days before your event, all worked hours will be calculated and subtracted from your total remaining balance. 

Below are some details regarding the program:

  • This program is not just for weddings. other events qualify as well 

  • Have an invoice with a minimum of $5,000 (can include rentals, planning services, take down and set up fees, mileage)

  • 50% deposit required

  • Ability to work between 5-15 hours per week

  • Flexible scheduling (you can choose the hours and days you work)

  • Each hour worked will be the equivalent of $16/hour

For more details regarding this program, please contact us!!

We would love to help you design a plan that works for you!